Christmas Program Dress Rehearsal 2017


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Christmas time is such an important time for families as it allows us to rejoice in togetherness. Amidst all of the Christmas spirit, it is important that we remember what the real spirit of Christmas is: God sent his son to this earth to be born a Savior for all. Many times throughout the Gospel we remember the death of Christ. We remember that he suffered for our sins. This is a tremendously important message as it grants us life everlasting.

The joy of this season is that we get to celebrate the birth of our Savior. We know what is coming and why it must happen, but during this time, we experience His arrival. God’s promise is fulfilled. He sent His son to be a Savior for all.

This is the message we must remind ourselves and the one that we at St. John’s actively teach the children of our center. Our Christmas program is the time that our children get to teach us. Enjoy the photos as the youngest missionaries of St. John’s share with you the good news that Christ is born! Halleluiah!