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At 7:50 PM this evening (MARCH 15), we received information that our local area schools have a closure plan for this week. Here is the statement that matters most:
“Out of an abundance of caution, to minimize the spread of COVID-19 throughout Kern County, we are recommending a temporary closure of all Kern County public schools. This recommendation also applies to preschools and charter schools in Kern County.”
Here is the link to the entire announcement:
As promised, our team at St. John’s has been monitoring this situation closely and will comply with our local area health and education agencies. 
Here are St. John’s new action items:
  1. We are suspending onsite academics from Monday 3/16-Tuesday 4/14 or TBD.
  2. St. John’s staff will take Monday and Tuesday (3/16-3/17) to prepare for academic mixed delivery of core subjects. 
  3. Distance learning/mixed delivery will take place from 3/18-4/3. 
  4. Currently Easter Break is scheduled for 4/6-4/13.
  5. Please keep an eye out for communications from the school and your classroom teacher on Tuesday afternoon for instructions and material needs.   
  6. Classroom teachers will be reaching out to each family to assess individual needs and schedule textbook/material pickup.
Through all the challenges and difficulties of this community health situation, we will look for the blessings and the opportunities for our learning and faith community. I believe we are stronger together and will keep our kids and their education as central priorities. They still need to learn. I believe in our ability to come together for true partnership and solutions to ensure that education does not halt. Your role in the coming weeks will be vital to their success. Our communication always will be of highest importance. Please walk alongside us as we navigate this new terrain. 
In Christ,
Evan Anwyl
Superintendent, St John’s Lutheran Schools


St. John’s would like to welcome you to our infant/toddler and preschool program. Our program is a high-quality center offering a wonderful curriculum of developmentally appropriate practices and spiritual growth with a child-centered approach. We strive to develop young independent thinkers who have a sincere relationship with Jesus Christ.

 St. John’s is passionate about child development and has adopted these core curriculums:
  • Faith-Based Curriculum- One in Christ
  • Academic and Developmental Curriculum- Core Knowledge
  • Writing Curriculum- Handwriting Without Tears
  • Assessments- Desired Results Development Profile

These tools are consistent with our kindergarten program and will help guide the children at SJCC to be successful in all future learning environments.
The development of a child is a God inspiring process. Our program curriculum also allows us to focus on many developmental domains that include:
  • Spiritual Development
  • Self and Social Development
  • Language and Literacy Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Mathematical Development
  • Health and Physical Development

SJCC uses a child-centered approach to provide a stimulating learning environment that focuses on all developmental ranges of the child. It is an honor and blessing to serve the children and families in this ministry.

God Bless,
St. John's Children's Center Staff

Facility Tour

St. John's Children's Center (SJCC) welcomes and encourages those parents and children considering enrollment to tour the campus in person.