Parent communication is primarily conducted through the HiMama app to inform you of school activities, community functions, daily reports, pictures, and educational development. Please check the parent bulletin board for any additional information.
It is essential to share with your child's teacher or the director anything that has occurred in your child's world that could affect his attitude or behavior at school (i.e., lack of sleep, guests at home, busy weekends, family illness). This kind of daily communication is critical in meeting your child's needs to the fullest. We provide report forms for parents to fill out when they sign in their child at the beginning of the day. 
All children coming to the Center must be brought and picked up by a responsible adult and signed in and out. These sign-in/out sheets will be located in the classrooms. A child should not arrive or leave without the acknowledgment of the teacher. Your child will be released only to those you authorized on your registration form.
Please notify us immediately of any change in the emergency information.