Toddler Program

In our toddler rooms, our emphasis is on the individual needs of each child. Planned activities provide ample opportunities for exploration of a stimulating and safe environment. Materials are selected to provide a variety of natural learning experiences for your child through manipulation and sensory awareness. Language development is emphasized with planned and spontaneous opportunities for communication between the staff and the children.

We provide a loving and nurturing atmosphere for our toddlers. We welcome and encourage your visits anytime.

To prevent the spread of illness
Our teachers follow the highest standards for health and safety. This includes proper diapering and hand washing procedures, as well as frequent sanitation of toys and equipment. We do our best to limit the spread of infections. As part of that effort, parents are required to follow our policies regarding the attendance of ill children.
We know it can be stressful to leave your child, which is why our specially trained teachers work hard to create a loving bond, safe surroundings and an unparalleled environment where your child can grow, learn and thrive.