Management of Illness

Children who become ill with excludable symptoms while at the Center will be cared for away from the group until the child is picked up by an authorized adult. Specialized care plans will be followed.
  1. When a child complains of pain or feeling ill, or is observed to have a decrease in normal activity level, an assessment will be made by the child’s teacher.
  2. If appropriate, the temperature will be taken and recorded.
  3. The teacher or director will determine whether the child can remain or whether a parent should be contacted.
  4. Every attempt will be made to comfort the child.
  5. Once a parent is called, it is important that every effort be made to arrive in an expeditious manner.

Medication Administration

  1. All medications that are not prescription must be accompanied by a doctor’s note stating the medication, dosage, and frequency of administration.
  2. Medication will be administered to a child if the proper communication has been completed. (Whenever possible, the first dose should be given at home by a parent.)
  3. Parent/guardian must present medication to the Director or child’s teacher with verbal information regarding purpose, and a Medication Administration Form must be completed by the parent/guardian, signed and dated.

Medication will only be accepted if the following are provided on the medication itself

  1. Date
  2. Child’s full name
  3. Amount and frequency of dosage
  4. Expiration date
  5. Storage instruction
  6. All medications must be in original childproof container
  7. If refrigeration of the medication is needed, the medication will be kept away from food. All medication will be kept in a medication box in an aarea inaccessible to children.
  8. A medication record will be completed for every child receiving medical treatment. It is the responsibility of the child’s teacher to see that the medication is given at the proper time and in the correct dosage, documenting each time this is done.
  9. Prior to giving medication, staff will wash hands and verify:
  • Right child
  • Right dose
  • Right drug
  • Right time
***Spills, reactions, and refusals will be documented, as well as staff’s initials.
  • A physician or parent may state that a certain medication may be used on an “as needed basis,” and must be administered according to package directions. In these cases, specific instructions for use that outline exactly what constitutes "as needed" must be documented and signed by the parent. A trained staff or health consultant may be necessary to administer some medications requiring injections (Epipen). Every medication must have the child’s name on it.
  • If any allergies (food or environmental) or asthma are known, please fill out a Health Care Plan (forms available from staff), complete with the child's photo, to be posted for St. John's employee's access.